A Sabbatical

It has been a while. A sabbatical was needed. I was taking too much pressure and things were not exactly working out. I have not checked my Facebook in past four weeks. Twitter, Instagram and other ‘important’ places are silent too. Maybe I will do that one by one, maybe not for a few more days. It feels good. I feel fresh, new, myself. As if the rains that have pestered my side of the earth in recent times have washed me too.  I have been writing meanwhile nevertheless, just not going out with my work.

I don’t feel I missed enough though. The World is still a good and bad place to live. We all have our reasons.

I began the practice again yesterday with an open mic and a writer’s gathering. It is always good to see, meet, hug real people.
It was a busy, bustling day. I returned home tired, exhausted and drenched in rain and crashed immediately.

I hope better things await us.


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