#6. The Umpteenth time

There is this fable about an ant failing to climb a wall 17 times and then succeeding in its quest in eighteenth attempt. We all know that.

Now, a trick question.

What if the ant tries to climb the wall the 18th time or 19th or so on till a definitive number and fails? How long would it keep trying? Isn’t it just foolish to keep trying when it knows deep inside that its just an ant and not a spider and might not be made for wall climbing but for collecting crumbs of sugar or something else?

I mean, what if the ant has had enough, gets bored and decides to move on? What if it forms an army of ants and invade Wonka’s Chocolate factory and succeed? Would it still be called a quitter?

Sometimes, isn’t “giving up” a wise decision? What would Newton say about this? What if he found that the wall was not interested in reacting to his action? Won’t even he just feel like stop pushing the wall uselessly?

Would it be “giving up” or simply “moving on”?

I am a dolt, but you are not. Do answer!


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