#2: The Vase

No. I don’t have a vase at my place. They are costly and I am poor. I can’t afford them. Not the ones I want. Not the crystal ones at least. *sigh*

It is the proverbial vase I wanted to give you. Take it, keep it, preserve it. It is a heartfelt gift. Just accept it already.

I wanted to bring you flowers. I really did. I even went to the florist who sits beside the Hanuman Temple. I made him cut 72 long stemmed red roses and put them into a bouquet, just for you. For a moment, I had this thought of adding some carnations too. And lilies. Would that be a good combination? I was not sure. The flowers were destined to die within a day or two. Maybe a week if kept in water. What after that? You would throw them away and forget me and my gesture. That would have broken my heart.

There were artificial flowers too that I had in mind. But if the flowers are not real, then what is the point of gifting flowers.

Hence, after walking to and fro in my balcony, I am giving you this vase. People will give you roses and carnations and lilies all your life. They will sound like they love you, care for you and maybe they would mean it.

I would be happily sitting meanwhile in your memory, getting refreshed, everytime you bring those flowers and put them in this vase on your side table. You would smile at my thought and you would thank me secretly for the vase.

Maybe you can gift me one too someday. I really can’t afford it.


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