#1 : Cleaning the flat

One of my flatmates recently left for brighter avenues, leaving behind his darker side for us. The main hall of our flat was a sight to behold. I won’t get graphic about things but let us say it was crap load of crap from ceiling to floor. It took us a week to muster the courage to pick up the broom. Finally, this past Sunday, we agreed that we can’t live like this. We need to sacrifice our weekend for a greater good.

First of all, let me start by saying, there was just too much stuff, here, there, everywhere. It was a revelation. Where was all this stuff, all this while? Anyway.

We began at 10 am. When we were done, it was 5 in the evening.

While straightening my back last night, it occurred to me.

Our lives are not much different than our flat. Too many unnecessary stuff is cluttered inside our minds. Crap load of crap that we carry are blocking the space for new, meaningful information. We keep piling up stuff, for days and months and years and then one day,

BOOM! The mind blasts. Too much to take. Life becomes difficult to live.

Only if we had cleaned our flat on daily basis, it would not have been that bad to begin with.

Only if we were a little wiser with our choices and decisions in life, we would not be feeling like a waste of space on the planet.

Sometimes, we complicate things, unknowingly, so much so that it takes an entire day or sometimes an entire lifetime to turn it around.

I met a British musician last year and he said the most wonderful thing ever, in his most British accent ever,

“Practice makes a man perfect they say. No, practice doesn’t make us perfect. It makes us better. If we practice goodness in our lives, we become better people. Become a better person.”

I later came to know he was on marijuana. Hell of a flutist by the way!

Here is to uncluttered lives.


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