This Christmas, Be Someone’s Santa!


Merry Christmas folks!

After a hard year, it is time we take a breath, hug each other out and celebrate. But for what? What is there to celebrate if the year was hard and times were tough. I say, lets celebrate to the end of this year and to the beginning of a new one.

Let us celebrate these enterprising lines by Shelley,

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?


Let us celebrate the return of the only immortal, affable and authentic superhero, Santa Claus.

He has been busy collecting gifts for us all year long and right now as we speak, he must be hiding them for us to wake up, find them and warm the Christmas morning with our smiles.

I know what you will say.

‘Santa is a myth’

To that I would twist your earlobe and whisper,

*But you are not!*

Where I work, there is a tradition around Christmas time called ‘Secret Santa’. It is a famous concept that has its own meaning in different parts of the world.

Where I work, the concept goes like this,

A week before Christmas every person is given a random name from the list of colleagues and then, on a specified day around the 25th December, the person has to bring a gift for this random recipient. Everyone gets a gift and no one knows who put it on their desk.

Everyone gets to be Santa Claus.

Actually, everyone should be a Santa Claus. Gifts bring smiles, guaranteed!

Look around you. Make people happy. People who don’t belong in your life. People, who are not your parents, friends, fiance or foe. People who truly need you but you are unable to see them. Go out, remove your Ray Bans, touch them, give them your smile. But most of all, don’t do any of it expecting something in return.

You don’t have to be affluent to do that. Even a cup of tea to one person (who needs it) is enough, one little pet adopted is job done and one new plant in your balcony is mission accomplished.

All you need to do, is to be you. Humans. Happy humans. Touch lives. Bells will jingle.




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