The thing about passive men

Passive men are difficult. They don’t care about things until something hits them hard, something of personal importance. They need a reason of profit to get involved.

They don’t protest against the standing system until they have themselves suffered because of it or unless they have been offered a handsome reward.

Appreciation from friends and acquaintances, shout outs,  that often fills a man with zeal and breaks his lethargy, is not enough for these passives. It is because, they are not sleeping, their eyes are wide open and they are watching everything happening. Everything right and wrong. Despite that, they are simply too lazy or  free of care to do anything about any of it.

Fact of the matter is that it is so much easier to get a sleeping man out of his bed. A sleeping man wakes up just by listening his name called. He is ready to go, to run, to work, to stir revolutions. He just needs a call. But how do you get a waking man out of bed? They know it is time to get up, but unless the morning doesn’t serve them a purpose, they are fine lying down.

These men, passive ones, who see everything and hear everything and then say,

‘Well, why should I care?’

When their names are called, they ask themselves,

‘Who might be calling me? What might he want from me now? What is in there for me?’

Only when they get satisfactory answers to these self assuming questions, they might consider getting up, otherwise, they keep lying, comatose, seeing everything, hearing everything, doing nothing.

These daydreaming, awake, selfish sloths are sometimes the most useless members of the society.


  • Munshi Premchand, Sevasadan, 1932 (Translated by the Dolt)


(Featured Image : The Passive Man By Craig Freeborn)


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