Paper boats we will sail…

Rain Rain, Come Again

We will play another game

Rain Rain, do not fail,

paper boats, we will sail…

Yesterday, for the second straight week, I was trying to make my kids memorize this rhyme. Most of them are new to the school life. They are hardly six-seven years of age.

We made paper boats, hence wasting a lot of pages from their precious notebooks. To be honest, THEY made paper boats. I still don’t know how a straight piece of paper becomes a boat. Sheer brilliance! Don’t judge me. I never flew kites or floated boats as a kid. Okay! Judge me!

Even though its been raining left and right here for last lifetime or so, every time I head for school, Sun comes out.

I don’t know Marathi beyond ‘Sagre basa’ and they don’t know Hindi beyond ‘Dada’. Both parties are quite limited in the knowledge of English language.

They were quite bored of this ‘poem recitation’. I literally begged them, on my knees (it became a bit melodramatic but that’s fine I guess) to sing it one more time.

And they did. And it rained. They roared along with the clouds. My lifelong dream of sailing a paper boat in the dirty drain water became reality.

I still don’t know how they make boats out of a straight pieces of paper! Sheer brilliance!



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