Joey Tribbiani was a genius! And no this is not your sarcastic post!

Joey Tribbiani was a genius! There! I said it! I would just quote him once and prove it!

The wisest thing Joey ever said was this,

Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it wrong.

Most of us have this tendency to dismiss an idea just because we have never heard about it or because it is beyond our comprehension. We hate change, specially in social circuits.

Take LGBT for example. For a century now, or even more, gay people have been facing various difficulties in our society around the world. Why? Because, it is seen against the nature. It is considered anti-biology. With passage of time, we now know that LGBT is not wrong. It is just a different way of things to happen.

Salman Rushdie wrote ‘Satanic Verses’ and it is widely considered to be one of the greatest works of fiction in history. Yet, it stays banned in Rushdie’s homeland, India and many parts of the world. Why? I don’t think even 0.1% of us Indians have read it or even know what it is about. We, just don’t want to pollute our minds with any new ideas that might prove our existing system wrong.

Everything, from toothpaste to computers, were opposed in the beginning. Galileo lost his life, trying to prove that he was not wrong. Raja Ravi Verma brought Gods out of temples through his paintings, making them accessible to all classes alike(please do read about it, great story!) but was ruined by the system and governments while he was alive.

I guess you get the gist. This one line by our lovable grown-up kid, is a straight up summary of the struggle that rationality has faced against the sinking pillars of the society.


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