The Story of two birds…

Long long time ago, I once read a small story as a kid.

There used to be two birds. Even though they were born out of the same mother’s eggs, one went on to become red in colour while other was yellow.

The red bird would always eat red things while the yellow bird ate only yellow stuff. One day, the red bird saw an amusing thing, falling on the road, extremely red and beautiful with a little green tail. He quickly took it in his beak and started munching. It was nothing but a red pepper. Poor fellow started running for help, not knowing what had gone wrong in his system. The yellow bird saw him. On listening to his problem, the yellow bird (who must had been really wise) took him to his place and fed him a laddoo, a yellow coloured sweet.

The red bird looked at him and asked with amusement,

‘How can something that looks yellow can taste so good?’

And the moral of the story, if I remember correctly, was,

“Not everything that looks right, and that we want to believe is right, is always right.”

Well, not exactly. It is not important. Important is the fact that the story of two birds is being repeated.

We have started believing in what we are seeing. It is hard to say whether what is being shown is right or wrong, true or fake, but whatever is being shown is being bought by us.

What happened at JNU, is hard to comment at. I don’t have a TV and I use internet for watching more porn than news. Why? Because porn is more realistic than news these days.


We are so accustomed to this processed news over the years, that we have lost our abilities to think or comprehend. Everyone is having an opinion, but none is cooked on its own.

It is like food. We are so accustomed of processed, junk food that we have forgotten how to cook our own bread (subway reference! *teeh!*). Junk News, much like junk food, is readily available and tastes good. Who cares for health? Mental health, physical health, National health.

When Ravish Kumar came up with this imagery, even unintentionally, he said the truth. It reminded me of Don Draper’s letter about smoking in ‘madmen’. A glorious propaganda to sell the reverse psychology. NDTV tried to turn babyface from heel that one night (huge wrestling fan here) and it worked too.

And as he said, we have all become sick. We suffer from the obesity of our brains. It is sad. I mean, why are we all so angry? Those charged for sedition to those charging them and everyone else. We are all so angry and hot in our head. And most of us are just shouting. Are we this easy? Do we get educated for this reason? To be easily tricked into whatever anyone wants.

If we don’t agree, can’t we stay quiet and not speak or react? Why is it that hard?

Why is everyone feeling oppressed and in process becoming bully?

Our forefathers gave us freedom. Are we going to give our children, mental retardness?

Look who is talking anyway? What do I know? I am a dolt!



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