Wars! What a Farce!

They have the guns, we have the poets. Therefore, we will win.”
― Howard Zinn

I love history. I love to read about how societies were formed, and how coins came in culture, how languages must have been invented and how kings replaced the ancient republics only to be replaced by modern republics. Every word about our history is a relic of its era. And somehow it all seems so enchanting, no less than a fiction written by Tolkien.

But then, I also feel sometimes that our world history would have hardly occupied a 100 page booklet, if there were no wars. If Kings died of old age and countries were not invaded just for the sake of having more land and more power. Millions of battles, thousands of wars and gallons of bloodsheds. End result? a big fat history book with a trillion pages and zillion dates. Dates of death and dates of birth. Dates when battlefields were covered with soldiers and their commanders and the dates when everyone died and arguably, no one lived happily every after! Not the kings who invaded, not the kings who were invaded, not their people and certainly not the poor kids who have to go through hell lot of trouble to mug up some useless dates about lives and deaths of some hot blooded SOBs!

I am not a very “manly” man. My blood is kinda cold, I shiver when fear strikes and I have a heart that weeps when a loved one hurts me. I don’t get an adrenaline rush watching men tearing each other apart (except for in a WWE ring) Perhaps, years of my unmanliness has brought me to a state of mind where I am ready to ridicule wars and warriors and mighty “men”.

I mean, some power crazy guy oppressed a clan just because he wanted to. And most of the times, it started a rebellion and lo! After years of same old shtick, dying and killing, someone would uproot the other and gain back their lands. Its as if, everything, every time was scripted. The bad guy tried to conquer, good guys fought back. A war took place and every freaking time, good guys somehow got their wins. My point is…wars are pointless.

Now, I ridicule war not because I am an unmanly man. My problem is with the aftermath. If the warriors promised that theirs was the last war and that no more husband would be killed and not another father would be slaughtered just for the sake of winning a war, then I would have let them have a fight. If they could promise me that this boy, Nigerian refugee Saleh, 15, who lives in Chad’s Dar es Salam camp, one of more than 800,000 Nigerian children forced to flee their homes due to ongoing civil wars, and millions like him, wont miss their homes, and that no other human would be inspired to pick a gun a shoot another one just for the sake of doing it. That…well..it’s a long list. I don’t think the warriors can even consider them, but then, perhaps I would have let them have it once.

“Next to my house there was a river where I used to play and spend the afternoon with my friends. There is no river here.” PIC Courtesy and rights : UNICEF

In my opinion, wars are the biggest scars on the face of our species, wars that ate up civilizations, that murdered men and raped women, wars that estranged children from their precious childhood, wars that were just wars and nothing else, doing no good to anyone who fought them, to those who didn’t and to us who have to read about them.

The matter of shame and sorrow is that wars don’t go away with the civilizations they burn. They keep coming back and some of us are always ready to fight them for the sake of “something we are not quite sure of”.

Anyway, who cares about my opinion, I am an insignificant dolt! But then, even I don’t care for “warriors”. We are even!

By the way, if any of my readers would like to share their opinions, please do, right there, in the comments section!



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