While Reading-8

Michelet, the French historian, writing in 1864, with special reference to the Ramayana, says: ‘Whoever has done or willed too much let him drink from this deep cup a long draught of life and youth…. Everything is narrow in the west—Greece is small and I stifle; Judea is dry and I pant. Let me look towards lofty Asia and the profound East for a little while. There lies my great poem, as vast as the Indian Ocean, blessed, gilded with the sun, the book of divine harmony wherein is no dissonance. A serene peace reigns there, and in the midst of conflict an infinite sweetness, a boundless fraternity, which spreads over all living things, an ocean (without bottom or bound) of love, of pity, of clemency.’

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Discovery of India


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