Getting out of the hole!

I’ve been losing sleep,
I’ve been keeping myself awake,
I’ve been wandering the streets,
For days and days and days…

The lines from Florence’s famous “lover to lover” song justify my situation. I have been shifting from city to city (not lover to lover, just new job and all), and it has dishevelled me. Days and nights are the same since the ides of march have gone by.

Yes yes! I haven’t been writing a lot recently. All three blogs stare at me blankly, and I have been feeling guilty, like a father who doesn’t have money to feed his children. A lot guilty, a lot frustrated, a lot helpless. A lot of ‘lot of things’. You know how things become when you walk into the borders of a stranger city. You find a place first, to live. Then you find people, to live with. A lot of this and that and that and this.

I was living in a hole (not the hobbit holes, they were awesome) for last three months, with my eyes inured to its endearing darkness.  A lot has happened outside I hear.

Lets see how the world is faring without its beloved dolt. Lets see how I fare in this world.


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