Indian Doctors say they could have cured Kumbhkarna! No! I am serious!

Remember Kumbhkarna?

Yep, the same giant badass dude from Ramayana, who singlehandedly would wreck the finance of his super rich brother Ravana every financial year.

99 ft tall,  Weighing in at 99999999999999999999999999999 pounds ,he would wake up around the ides of march, grab zillion kilos of chicken and all, and then he would be like,

“Bro! going back to bed! “

SmiteWiki describes Kumbhkarna the best,

“Do you hear it? That distant rumble like thunder across the mountains? Like pitched battle from miles away? Like a stampede of elephants across the plains? Know it is none of these things. That rumble you hear is the bellowing snore of Kumbhakarna, the Sleeping Giant.

Quick with a laugh, honest with friends, but devastating in battle, Kumbhakarna embodies the traits of a hero, but loyalty to his tyrant brother, Ravana, often leads him to the wrong side.

So jovial and pious is he, that when granted a boon by Brahma, Kumbhakarna wished to take Indra’s place and rule the Heavens. Indra was jealously threatened, convinced Brahma would let the good-natured giant usurp him, and magically twisted Kumbhakarna’s tongue at the last second. Instead of asking for “Indraasana” (Indra’s Seat), he asked for “Nidraasana,” … to sleep.

Now, Kumbhakarna is a dozing behemoth, waking only once every six months. Yet, Ravana is concerned with the growing fervor of the battle between gods and demons, sensing his dominion slipping. Prematurely, he has awoken his brother and pressed him to fight. Though reluctant, as if he knows his brother’s stance is unjust, Kumbhakarna fights out of loyalty and a warrior’s code.”

So, now that we all are on the same page about the beloved, bemusing demon from the Lankan valleys, lets get to the point.

I was going through a news of Times of India this morning, the heading read,

“Kumbhakarna’s sleep was curable”

It teased my taste buds and I read on,

scientists claim to have found the reason behind the problem of oversleeping. In an article published in the latest issue of the “Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism”, doctors said Kumbhakarna might have suffered from hypothalamic obesity, which is caused due to abnormality in the region of brain called hypothalamus that controls appetite.

“It could have been caused due to brain tumour, inflammatory conditions such as tuberculosis or head injury which is treatable in most cases,” said Dr Om J Lakhani, co-author of the study. The endocrinologist said he came across a 50-year-old patient who presented with the symptoms similar to the ones attributed to Kumbhakarna.

Keep on reading, its not over yet.

“The patient would sleep all day and wake up only to demand food. If the same was denied, the person would display frustration and anger as has been said in the stories about Kumbhakarna. He recovered significantly after surgery was done to remove the brain tumour causing the abnormality and medications were given to control his appetite,”

Not yet!

According to the legend, Kumbhakarna, brother of Ravana, used to sleep for unusually long periods of time and would be difficult to wake up. When he would wake up, he would have an insatiable appetite and would eat whatever in sight. Eventually, he would be fatigued again and would go back to sleep. He was also described to be overweight and possess a terrible rage, which was feared by many.

The authors of the latest study claim all these attributes or symptoms fit into the description of hypothalamic obesity. “A previous publication describes him as possibly suffering from hypothyroidism and sleep apnea. We believe hypothyroidism alone cannot explain his predicament since hypothyroidism is associated with obesity with normal or reduced appetite… The presence of sham rage in hypothalamic obesity also fits with the description of Kumbhakarna,” the article states.

It adds: “At one point in Valmiki’s Ramayana, Kumbhakarna is described to have drunk 2,000 pitchers of water after being woken up from his slumber and summoned by his brother. Polydipsia is a well-known feature of diabetes insipidus, which in turn is a part of hypothalamic obesity and is reported in around 30% of patients. The fatigue of Kumbhakarna can be attributed to his low metabolic rate and lack of growth hormone, thyroid hormone and gonadotropins (hormones secreted by the pituitary gland).”

Wasn’t Kumbhkarna just….

though I didnt understand most of what was explained by the docs, but, what the hell!


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