“Non- violence of the brave”- Mahatma Gandhi

“If blood be shed, let it be our own. Let us cultivate the calm courage to die without killing.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Today, while I was at Sabarmati Ashram of Gandhiji, out of many scriptures, I read this.


Originally, it was a lecture delivered by Bapu, a couple of months before our independence, at Birla house, in hindi as “bahadur ki ahimsa” “बहादुर की अहिंसा” which means “non violence of the brave.”

I am not a follower of Gandhi’s philosophy entirely, but this particular piece for some reason really made me want to share it with the little community that I have. Individual non-violence can someday lead to a world free of bloodsheds.

I hope, everyone finds some meaning and lesson from this little read! Please share your views. They are really precious!


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