While reading-3 (continued…)

Oh captain von Trapp, Captain von Trapp, could you love the little fellow with the orange in the smelly auditorium?

He  has just held the orangedrink lemondrink Man’s Soo-soo in his hands, but could you love him still?

And his twin sister? tilting upwards with her fountain in a love in tokyo? could you love her too?

Captain von Trapp had some questions of his own.

a. are they clean white children?

     no! (but sophie mol is!)

b. Do they blow spit bubbles?

     Yes. (But sophie mol doesn’t!)

c. do they shiver their legs? like clerks?

    Yes. (But sophie mol doesn’t)

d. Have they, either or both, ever held strangers’ soo-soos?

    N…Nyes! (but sophie mol hasn’t)

‘then I am sorry,’ Captain von Clapp-trapp said, ‘It is out of the question. I cant love them. I cant be there Baba. Oh no.

Captain von Clapp-Trapp couldn’t.

                    -Arundhati Roy, (God of small things)

*soo-soo= genitals


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