Toddler’s Tiffin-box!

Just Another Story

It was his first day at school. A three year old kid, left alone for the first time with a group of strangers of his age and a lady by the name of ‘teacher’.

In the first ever recess of his life, he took out his blue BEN10 tiffin box. He had seen mommy putting in two stuffed parathas for him.

How to open it? He had no idea.

The teacher lady came to him, “Eat from your tiffin!”

He gnawed at the box, trying to teeth pick it!

“Eat FROM the box! Don’t eat the BOX!” teacher lady saw him with disdain!

He was not listening. She tried to snatch it from his hands and open it, he resisted. It was his tiffin, his parathas! He wouldn’t let her have them!!

SLAP! SLAP! His cheeks were red, his eyes teary! But he didn’t give up, still gnawing at his…

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