Into 2015, with another december to deplore and dismember! (the dolt’s way)

At a zoo in Zambia, a cage is kept with a giant mirror in it. A board inside reads,

“World’s deadliest animal!”

Coming back to my doltology.

This year was a roller coaster for me, India and the world. So many things happened, so many people left us and I learned lessons that shall lead my life.

I love my country and I love being a Hindu (just love those amazing mythological tales). India is the single place in the world where I would rather live and die more than once.

Somehow, every december, something happens which leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Something that makes me want to hide in a closet for being an Indian. It is not my motherland or its people but the ideology that ceases to evolve.

2012 december saw the Nirbhaya case which made me want to kill myself for being an Indian man.


In 2013, our judiciary felt that homosexuality is a crime and hence reinstated it as an offence under “Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.” I dont need to say anything else, this amul print ad says it the best.


And here we are at the threshold of 2015 and again december is the month which makes me feel weird about being Indian.

I am talking about what everyone is talking about. PK. My mom, a high class brahmin, who devotes an hour everyday in front of her little temple chanting hymns, and keeps a fast every alternate day, went to watch first day first show of the Movie. She told me yesterday,

“I want to watch PK again. It was an awesome movie.”

It means that somewhere the movie is just fine. Because?


I want to respect the sentiments of whoever are hurt. But, why would someone be hurt by someone else’s work?


We lost our beloved, the grand old man of India, Khushwant singh this year. I was reading an article about him today and it reminded me of his words,

“we are a cowardly lot that burns books we don’t like, exile artists and vandalise their paintings. We take liberties and distort history textbooks to conform to our ideas and ideals; we ban films and beat up journalists who write against us. We are responsible for this growing intolerance, and we are party to it if we don’t do anything to prevent or stop it.”

He was a dolt like me too I guess. What do we dolts know? Nothing! I wish I were an alien like p.k too…at least after finding my remote, I could have gone away from this dangerous planet called earth!

Oh! By the way, happy new year. May 2015 be an awesome year for all of us!



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