Hah! So, one more magazine, one more rejection, big deal?

It used to be big deals once. I borrowed that “once” from “once upon a time!”. But it is not that long ago. A few months back perhaps.

People often tell me; (people who are more sensible and more responsible about their lives),

“You have received everything in your palms, what do you know about pain and perils? You won’t understand how it feels!”

Well, if sending my works to various places for last two years and still sitting at my home without a single publication isn’t painful then I wonder what must be.

A few days back, a dear friend of mine said,

“You have no idea how it feels to be dumped by your lover. You have never been ‘there’.”

I just felt like smiling, no, laughing actually. I wanted to tell her,

“You have no idea, how a heart becomes after trying three times to be ‘there’ and not allowed even once.”

I didn’t tell her that because sympathies really turn me off (and because she was one of the three attempts!)

Talk about rejections!  See the kid in the picture? For most of my life, I have been that kid. Everytime, everywhere, somehow, I have been rejected in nearly every single thing I tried. People just never took my existence too seriously.

Their ignorance turned into my bliss.

People see me as a guy, 22 years of age, six feet tall, not too ugly, born in a financially comfortable family with a degree in my bag and a job in hand with a reputed IT company. They often say,

“Dude, I am so envious of you. You have nothing to worry about.”

Perhaps, I should be thankful to the God for everything I was blessed with, and to those people for their envy; but the worst kind of pain is not in starving without food; trust me, it is when despite all your attempts, you are never granted with what you want but with everything that you don’t desire at all.

The worst of the rejections is by your fate despite your effort. And I am fate’s worst enemy.

But then, those are indeed things which no more bother me.

In the department of ‘Love’, I cease to give up. I know that where there were three, there must be a fourth, fifth and even a hundredth chance. It ain’t a game for the faint hearted. *wink*

As far as my writing goes; today I found an interestingly inspiring post on Aerogramme Writer’s Studio about rejections titled, “12 Famous Writers on Literary Rejection”

My favorite one?

“I love my rejection slips. They show me I try.”

– Sylvia Plath

Someday perhaps I will publish a book of my own and some other dude will be quoting me on his relatively unknown blog. Someday, I will be a better storyteller than Rowling, Coelho and Hossaini! (Too much, right?)

Yes, but someday I will be a better writer than I am today, and the world will notice, because I am trying and because when I do achieve what I wish for, it will indeed be sweet!

Till then, I must embrace my rejections like medals from battlefields and keep my ears shut, for all I hear is, “what a dolt!”

PS: Dont dare to give up on your dreams, no matter what! It needs hell lot of courage to stand up for what you want and that courage comes once in a lifetime, don’t let it go!

For more inspiration, here is a fantastic ad featuring Arjun Kapoor. Please watch!


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