“Incredible” India

“Incredible” is an interesting term. Google  would define it as “impossible to believe”.

India for last many years has been promoting the tourism to the outer world under the slogan of “Incredible India” or “Atulya Bharat!” (One that can’t be compared). Indeed we are impossible to believe, aren’t we?

I was just reading an article by Twinkle Khanna, the gorgeous wife of Akshay Kumar, daughter of late Rajesh Khanna and former actress herself. More than her introduction, what is important is the fact she enlightened me about. lets count till three and take a deep long breath! Ready?


there! I said it! Incredible, isn’t it?

Biggest of crimes happen all around the world but seldom do we see a 10 year old boy raping a 5 year old girl.

Seldom we see a 6 month old rape victim! yes! 6 months old girl who can’t even speak or walk was raped. By her neighbor.


Even if the increased libido is the reason; how can a newly born child bring desires in one’s mind (the one between the legs!). “Sick” is just a word too small to describe the act.

Yes, agreed, somewhere, there is something ghastly wrong with our society. We all,  accept it or not, abuse women in some form. Even if it is in terms of disrespecting our mothers or undermining our wives. In simpler terms, the patriarchal society in itself is the biggest enemy of women. In India though, we go a level up. Well, lets not discuss it!

That needs to change, but to what? A matriarchal society? Some sort of equilibrium? Well, I have attended a few feminist seminars and many great minds (all women! Including names like Flavia Agnes) believe that where the first case will be equally devastating, the “equilibrium” is just not practical, it will never happen.

I dare to disagree.

We can make small changes in our small ecosystems, our homes, our offices, at our level and the society can change. That is how the civilisations have evolved.

I know many halfwits who graduated around me, my age, and they talk about women and reason for marriages; trust me, its just regressing and depressing. If “education” is unable to change the mind of these individuals then with all due respect, something has been so wrong for a long time in their respective households. It depresses me. I come from a similar society, as I wrote a post few days back, about the thread ceremony incident.

However, that is something which is the grass root problem and it results in situations like rape and similar crimes. It is a gradual evolution process and it shall take time.

I was talking to a senior from my organisation and she said she didn’t even consider Delhi for transfer for “obvious reasons”. Indian capital is these days more popular for “obvious reasons”. Yes, such are these days! And I don’t blame her! I don’t blame any woman who feels insecure around me because, creatures who look like me have done crimes of monstrous proportions to creatures like them.

India’s sex ratio is 940 women per 1000 men. I wonder if 60 men from each 1000, who don’t get women have settled in Delhi. And gosh how desperate can someone be to violate the kids (sometimes not necessarily girls)?

India has indeed become incredibly hard to live and believe! We are just turning into a sick bunch of lecherous animals.

But what do I know? I am a dolt!


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